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Diplomatt Pro開校のご案内

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SUMMER SHORT COURSE (with outlines)

1.Presentation Skills ― プレゼンテーションスキル演習 クラス ―

担当講師: Charles Marshall (head of Aspire consulting and translations) & Diplomatt staff 

コース概要 :
第1回 8月1日(月)  19:00-21:00
第2回 8月8日(月)  19:00-21:00
第3回 8月22日(月) 19:00-21:00
第4回 8月29日(月) 19:00-21:00

Class One (Aug 1st) will feature a short lecture on the basics of English-presenting. Students will then be guided on giving an opinion talk and both preparation and presentation will occur within the same class. Before finishing, students will come up with a topic for their final presentation to be given on Aug 29th.

Class Two (Aug 8th) will offer tips and tricks for fast effective presenting. The in-class exercise this week will be an explanatory talk on subjects to be given with preparation and presentation happening before the end of the session. Students will learn from critiquing the talks of their classmates and will share strategies for their final presentation.

Class Three (Aug 22nd) will include activities designed to put speakers at ease in front of audiences and assist with poise and clarity. Students will prepare and present an opinion talk on a significantly more complicated topic than in the first class and will continue into a question and answer period.Assistance with the honing of technique prior to the final presentation will also be given.

Class Four (Aug 29th) Students will here present a talk on a topic of interest that they have worked on since the first class. The talk will be accompanied by slides. Critiques will be given and suggestions where there is still room for improvement. Time permitting, this class will also include some impromptu speaking exercises.

2. Strategic Thinking  ― 戦略的思考のツボと鍛錬 クラス ―

担当講師 : Richard Paulson (tenured professor at Musashino University) & Diplomatt Staff

コース概要 : 
第1回 8月5日(金)  19:00-21:00
第2回 8月19日(金) 19:00-21:00
第3回 8月26日(金) 19:00-21:00
第4回 9月2日(金)  19:00-21:00

Class One (Aug 5th) Students will be presented with worksheets designed to pin down interests, goals, dreams, etc. that can be worked throughout this course. Two projects will be generated--a "practice" project and a final project--and students will choose what they wish to do for each and how to best move forward. Students will brainstorm on methods to reach a specific goal, discuss their thought processes, and then perform exercises involving both writing and role-playing.

Class Two (Aug 19th) Students will produce text in class aimed at getting a certain kind of result and then will share the text with classmates. The instructor will assist with revisions so that the text is more effective, employees all available strategies, avoids redundancies and wordiness, and mitigates any potential negatives.

Class Three (Aug 26th) This session will be about PR and promotion. Students will learn the technique of scripting "mantras" in order to get at the essence of their endeavors. Students will do a speedwriting exercise to get two hundred words on paper and then distill the most essential eight words from those. The instructor will help students to hone with tricks that apply to one typically useful and helpful for all.

Class Four (Sep 2nd) Students will share their final projects with their classmates and see firsthand how effective the text and images are at bringing about responses. Students will then try their hands at making effective arguments on the fly to see how much they have gained through this mini course.

3. Media Scripting  ― メディアテキストの研究 クラス ―

担当講師 : Dan Papia (screenwriter and journalist) & Diplomatt Staff

コース概要 :
第1回 7月30日(土) 15:30-17:30
第2回 8月6日(土)  15:30-17:30 
第3回 8月20日(土) 15:30-17:30
第4回 8月27日(土) 15:30-17:30

Class One (Jul 30th) Students will table read scenes from films that are likely to be familiar. A short talk will be given on how dramatic narratives are formatted in English (with tips for Japanese translation if there is interest). Students will then be invited to "learn by doing" through the creation of their own movie story. The instructor will help to structure the outlines as appropriate and will assist the students in selecting a critical scene which they will write for the next class.

Class Two (Aug 6th) Student scenes will be cast and read. Students will be invited to comment on the effectiveness of these scenes and tips will be given for rewriting. The instructor will then challenge the class to present various ideas dramatically. Students will agree on one or more films to review on their own to be discussed next time.

Class Three (Aug 20th) Theme will be discussed with an in-class exercise that will assist students in embedding thematic messages. Techniques for polishing and editing existing material will also be discussed. Documentary script styles will then be introduced and students will be given an assignment for producing a documentary-like project.

Class Four (Aug 27th) Projects will be presented and commented in. There will then be a two-part
in-class exercise to help students switch between "discovery" and "critical" writing (the two essential components). The course will conclude with talk about the industry for writing and translating and how students can promote their careers and proceed forward.

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