Welcome to Broadway!



Hello everyone,
This week’s blog post is brought to you by the translation department.

The other day I went to visit Broadway.
But not the theatrical New York Broadway that might have popped into your mind right now.
No, I went to Nakano Broadway.

If you like Japanese anime or manga, vintage toys and figurines, classic games, and other such geeky goodies, this is the place to be (or at least one of the places to be).
Because there are so many 80s-90s collectibles being sold as well, you might lose track of time and drown yourself in nostalgia for hours, like I did.

There are also a couple of watch retailers to be found here.
Vintage/used/new, mechanical/quartz, mid-end/high-end,… if you are into watches, you’re going to have a good time here.

If you haven’t been here yet, I really recommend checking it out.
If only for the 8 layered tower of soft served ice cream that you can buy on the basement floor.

Between the station and Nakano Broadway is a shopping street that’s worth checking out as well.

Welcome to (Nakano) Broadway!

I wasn’t confident that I could finish the full 8 layers, so I stuck with 3.

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