PC hardware: The waiting game



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Earlier this year, I started thinking of building a new desktop PC.
When looking into what parts to buy for a build with a good price to performance balance, I learned that a lot of new stuff was coming out later in 2020.

So, I decided to wait for the new stuff, which would be sure to outperform the older generation of hardware.
The two main components I am waiting for are the CPU and GPU.

I haven’t built a PC in many years and didn’t really read up on hardware developments either.
So I was still under the impression that Intel was the way to go for solid performance.

I learned however, that for an all-round machine that can handle gaming as well as multiple workloads, AMD is actually the way to go.
The AMD Ryzen processors tend to have more cores and better multi-thread performance than their Intel counterparts in the same price range.

The newest incarnation of AMD Ryzen, the Zen 3 architecture, has recently been released.
Currently only the higher end models have been announced, which are a bit too much for what I need.
So, I am now waiting for the mid-tier AMD Ryzen Zen 3 CPUs to be released and settle down in price.

Here, NVIDIA was traditionally the way to go.
And actually, that is still more or less the case.
Unlike Intel in the CPU market, NVIDIA didn’t rest on their laurels and has continued to innovate their graphics cards.
The underdog that usually tends to contend with lower pricing is, once again, AMD.
Both NVIDIA and AMD have recently announced their newest GPU line-up.

For NVIDIA, that is the RTX3000 series.
Again, currently only the higher end cards have been released.
I am personally waiting for the RTX3060 to be released and hope it’s price-performance hits a sweet spot.

However, AMD’s new Radeon RX 6000 series apparently rivals the performance of NVIDIA’s new cards, and they offer lower prices for similar performance.
So I am also waiting for AMD to come out with their more budget friendly cards.

When both AMD and NVIDIA have released their lower end GPUs, I will compare specs and prices and make my pick.

In short, I was waiting for new hardware to release by the end of 2020…
And now that it is near the end of 2020, I am still waiting for the new line-ups to become more available.

I am hoping to build my PC somewhere around Spring 2021.
Hopefully lower-tier hardware has been released by then, and prices have settled down.

Getting back into PC hardware has been very informative and exciting for me.
There is always new stuff around the corner to wait for, so you always have something to look forward to.
Next up is the new generation of Intel CPUs (Rocket Lake) that are scheduled to come out before March 2021.
Intel’s new dedicated GPU, the Intel Xe, is exciting as well… although I doubt it will pose a threat to AMD or NVIDIA.

I can’t wait for what the future further has in store for us.

My current gaming rig: a Raspberry Pi 4… you see why I’m in need of something with a bit more muscle.

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