History: Our Path to the Future



Coming from a country with less than 250 years history leaves me with a quest to know about what came before. After moving to Japan last year, I decided to explore and discover as much as possible. At first, I went to places like museums, but I wanted more. It was time to find historical places in my own backyard. I wanted to be able to walk and check out what was around me. I was presently surprised to find some amazing places in Okegawa.

I work in Okegawa three days a week and try to walk different paths from the train station to my office each day. Luckily, I am able to find new places and enjoy learning a bit more about Japan. Because of the amount of historical places in Japan, it is an unending hobby to learn, explore, and discover all that this wonderful country has to offer. Each time I visit a new place in Japan, I can understand a little more about how Japan reached the point it is at now, and I get some insight into where Japan might be headed. It is important to look back to see where we came from and use it as a map to the future.




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