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Sunday in Tokyo Disneyland

On a recent Sunday, I enjoyed the many attractions and snacks found in Disneyland with two of my closest friends. For one of my friends, it was her first time to ever visit Disneyland, so she was excited to finally go.

None of us had the patience to stand in line for too long, so we were constantly checking the wait times and weighing our options. We had to give up on some attractions, but we were still able to get on quite a few rides.

We stayed until the park closed, enjoying many of the night attractions and the shorter lines. I was especially impressed with the projection mapping as it made me want to rewatch some of my favorite Disney movies.

Growing up, I loved Beauty and the Beast because my nose was always stuck in a book, just like Belle. I think for many of us Disney movies hold a special place in our childhoods, and Disneyland can remind us of that magic.



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