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Hello everyone!
This week’s blog post is brought to you by the translation department.

The other day I came into possession of some film tickets to a movie I hadn’t even heard about: A Dog’s Journey.
From the title I reckoned it to be a movie about a dog (quite straight forward thinking there), and as a dog lover, I decided to keep the tickets and go see the movie.

Before going, though, I wanted to know what kind of movie exactly I was going to see and I found out that it’s actually the sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose.”
A sequel… That had me worried. Will I be able to enjoy this movie if I haven’t seen the original first?
But for once faith smiled down on me.
The day before I was going to the movies, they were airing A Dog’s Purpose on TV.
So in the end I got to see my free movie fully prepared.

Now, what is the story about?
Without any spoilers, it’s about a dog that whenever it dies, it gets reincarnated but retains it’s memories from it’s previous lives.
The story is about the dog finding its way back to it’s first owner, who he swore to look after.

After reading that online, I thought it wasn’t going to be a tearjerker.
I mean, whenever the dog dies, it gets to be born again, so it doesn’t really die, right?
Wrong…even knowing the dog will be born again, it’s a heartbreaking scene each time it dies, and it dies quite often.
In the movie theater you could hear people sobbing or see them dry their tears.
(Not me though, because, you know, I’m a big strong man… he said unconvincingly)

If you are a dog lover, I do recommend both movies, although I personally liked the original better than the sequel.
But beware: you’re going to have a hard time keeping them tears under control.

Showing off my free tickets!

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