Pokémon Go and the places it takes you to



Hello everyone,

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Like many others, I too have joined the Pokémon Go hype.

Many of us in our 20s and early 30s grew up with the original Pokémon series and it’s that feeling of nostalgia that makes Pokémon Go fun to play.

One of the nice things about Pokémon Go for me is that the Pokéstops, where you can collect items, are placed at locations you normally wouldn’t bother to visit. In my neighborhood there is a small side-road that piqued my curiosity the first time I passed it. But it seemed like it could be private property, so I never bothered to go sneak a peek at what might lurk behind the bushes.

That is, until Pokémon Go showed it as a Pokéstop and gave me a small incentive to deviate a few meters from my normal route to go check it out. Behind the trees and vegetation I found a Shingon Buddhist Temple, that apparently played an important role in the cultural development of the area where I live now. I found it quite fascinating to stumble into a place like this thanks to a game.

I really like quiet places like this, so I might go there again from time to time to enjoy the peace…and collect my Pokéstop items, of course!


The side-road that piqued my interest months ago.


The path up to the Main Hall.


A view of the garden

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