Mechanical Wonders



Hello everyone!
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I am someone who is very interested in technology, but there are some things I prefer old-school.
One of those things is wristwatches.
These days, many people don’t wear wristwatches anymore, and many who do prefer to wear a smartwatch.
I am personally intrigued by mechanical wristwatches.

In the past I preferred battery powered quartz watches because of their accuracy. But the more I learned about mechanical watches, the more I grew to appreciate them.
All they need is a spring and some tiny gears, and the magic of mechanics keeps the watch ticking. I find it fascinating that a purely mechanical gear-train can keep track of time.

The downside is that these mechanical wonders tend to cost a pretty penny, but there are some affordable timepieces out there if you look for them. When looking for a dress watch with a white dial, I stumbled upon a beauty by Orient. It boasts a sapphire glass, uniquely textured dial, and a fully in-house movement.
All that for a modest price of around 10,000-15,000 yen.

When you have the chance, I urge you to have a look at mechanical watches.
They may not be as accurate as your smartwatch, or have a ton of extra functionality, but they are a true testament of mechanical engineering.

Close-up of the beautiful dial.

A see-through case-back allows you to admire the mechanics inside.

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